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Prequalified Program

A list of Vermont Prequalified Programs can be found HERE using the form to choose your town and using the Prequalified Pre-K drop down


Licensed Program

The PreK must be licensed or registered by the Department of Children and Families and is in good regulatory standing.

Program must provide secular pre-K education.



National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or Vermont's Step Ahead Recognition System (STARs)

The PreK must be accredited by the NAEYC or Vermont's STAR with at least 4 STARS or 3 STARS with an approved plan to achieve 4 STARS.



 Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS)

The PreK must be aligned with the Vermont Early Learning Standards.

EC Staff


Early Childhood (EC) Educator

The PreK must have at least one licensed early childhood or early childhood special educator on staff or supervising during the funded hours.

First Roots Wild Roots is a Prequalified Program.
To ask us more or discuss possible enrollment for 2023/24>>
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