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How Act 166 will work


When a school district partners with a Private Community Pre-K, a written contract is developed between the school district and the Private Community Pre-K. For 2023/24, $3764 per registered pre-K student is given directly to the pre-K provider that you have chosen for 10 hours a week and for 35 weeks.  NOTE: Tuition Rates are illustrative only. The funds must be applied for a MINIMUM of 35 weeks for full-time (52 week) enrollment per VT Agency of Education guidelines. Some programs may also choose to apply the Act 166 over 42 weeks of the program rather than the District school year (September thru June) if the family is enrolled full-time.

FULL-TIME  (Based on 52 weeks, 5 full-days)                                      PART-TIME (Based on 35 weeks, 3 half-days)


Tuition charged by Program (full-time)         $250/week                   Tuition charged by Program (part-time)       $35.85/half-day

Total Tuition                                                       $13000                         Total Tuition (3 half-days min 3.5 hrs/day)  $107.54/week    less: Act166 Funds of $3764/year         =     $  9236/yr                         less: Act166 Funds of $3764/year            =$107.54/week

Charge per week paid by Family (35wks)       $142.46/week             Charge per week paid by Family                     NO CHARGE

Charge per week paid by Family (17 wks)      $250.00/week 

Public PreK and Act 166 in VT
Part time & Part-week Programs

As long as your child is enrolled in a program for at least 10 hours per week for 35 week the program will receive up to $3764. That means you can enroll for AM or PM pre-K programs that run for more than 10 hours a week. A program may charge you only $3764 for those 10 hours and therefore there will not be any charge to your family.

Public PreK and Act 166 in VT
Child Care Assistance and Act 166 Funds
Public PreK and Act 166 in VT
Enrolled for part-year

Under Act 166, PreKindergarten education is an entitlement for all 3, 4 and 5 year old children not yet enrolled in Kindergarten. Annual tuition may be prorated to reflect the number of weeks the child is enrolled. Similarly if your child withdraws before the end of the school year, the annual tuition may be prorated to reflect the number of weeks the child was actually enrolled.










Public PreK and Act 166 in VT
Program is Outside School District

If your family is also eligible for child care assistance from the Department for Children and Families (DCF) you continue to be eligible for $3764 per child for 10 hours of prekindergarten education. The child care provider would not be allowed to bill you for the 10 hours per week of prekindergarten education but will use this to offset the co-pay parents are charged by the program for full-time child care.



Tuition - fulltime                        $250/week

Child Care assistance               $130/week

Co-Pay                                         $ 120/week

less: Act 166 Funds                    $ 107.54/week

Remaining Co - Pay                   $ 12.46/week











Parents may choose to enroll their child in a public prekindergarten program in the school district of residence, in a public prekindergarten program in another school district, or in any pre-qualified provider within Vermont. You can find a prequalified program HERE


Some school districts may opt to apply for Act 166 region. If this is approved by the VT Department of education then the Act 166 funds can only be used in a program within that Region. For the 2023/24 there are not currently any preK regions.


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